Wetherby Twinning Association Officers & Committee Members

Our Officers and Committee Members are normally elected annually at our Annual General Meeting which is usually held at the end of March/beginning of April. However, due to the Covid-19 lockdown in March and subsequent lockdowns and social distancing regulations, we were unable to hold an AGM in 2020. We are planning a virtual one for 2021, but are conscious that not all of our members have internet access.

We currently have an honorary President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus 5 committee members. Since we became a Community Interest Company, the Chairman, Treasurer and one committee members are also Directors. The Town Mayor or Wetherby is an ex officio member of the Committee.

Officers 2019-2021  
Honorary President Bernard Atha
Chairman Cindy Bentley
Secretary vacancy
Treasurer Neil O’Byrne

Committee Members 2019-2021

Mary-Jane Archer

Norma Harrington

Kazia Knight

Dawn Payne

As Neil O’Byrne became Town Mayor in May 2020 and is our Treasurer, we only have 4 other committee members. Our Secretary, Unice Brierley, passed away in December 2020 after many years in the role and the post is currently vacant.

Community Interest Company

Director/Chairman Cindy Bentley
Directors Neil O’Byrne
  Kazia Knight
Company Secretary Neville Bentley