Early in 2009, our local firm of solicitors, Hartlaw, suggested that it might be a good idea for us to become a Community Interest Company, the main advantage being that in the event of litigation, members of the Association are protected financially. Many of us had not realised that if the Association was sued by, for example, a member of the public following an accident at one of our events, we would all be personally financially liable. We held an EGM in February where members voted unanimously for incorporation. This was approved at our AGM and things were put in motion. Hartlaw was extremely generous in offering to do the work on a pro bono basis for which we are very grateful – we could not have afforded to do it otherwise. We decided on 4 Directors – the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer – who all duly filled in a variety of forms. The application went off in April and was approved in May.

Our new status will not actually make a lot of difference to us in day-to-day terms because we have always been run on a fairly formal basis with minuted meetings and a proper AGM. The main change will be that our accounts have to be officially audited and lodged with Companies House – which a local firm has agreed to do, again on a pro bono basis, as our accounts are pretty

We will continue to hold our AGM in April with all officers elected annually. In addition to the 4 Directors, we have 4 non-Directors on the Committee.

Wetherby Town Council agreed to our using the Town Hall as our registered address.